Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lee Harvey Oswald - The True Story

Oct. 18th , 2011
Toronto , Canada
Judyth Vary Baker & Jeffrey Holmes

Judyth is the author of Me & Lee.
The story of how she came to know and love
Lee Harvey Oswald.
That's right, she was Oswald's mistress in 1963 here in New Orleans! But her story is so much more than that.

Recruited by Dr. Alton Ocshner , Judyth was thrust into an underworld of intrigue, murder, espionage, biological weaponry and so much more. It is a compelling must read for everyone who ever had so much as a shadow of a doubt as to Oswald's 'guilt'.

Please feel free to ask Jeffrey about Mr. Oswald and what really happened in New Orleans in the early 1960's.

This was Judyth's first book signing in history, we were there.
The date is Lee Harvey Oswald's Birthday and Judyth held a party for him in his Honor.

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